SILKS (Sericulture Information Linkages and Knowledge System) is a single window, ICT-based information and advisory services system for the farmers practicing sericulture.

The objectives of SILKS would be to

Each SILKS will have modules of information on the natural resources potential suitability for sericulture, agro-climatic conditions, package of best practices of sericulture, cocoon and silk marketing information, etc.

SILKS works in client-server mode and therefore enable running of application remotely. The database and other packages reside in the server. Mapserver is used as main GIS engine. Apache web server has been used at the server side. Interactive map module is developed using Chameleon and PHP/Mapscript. The SILKS enables viewing, analyses, and extraction of spatial data without using any GIS or commercial map libraries in the back-end. The spatial data used in SILKS is Shapefile format, which is open format.