Silkworm Food Plant Production Technology

Eri food plant production technology

Castor (Richinus communis)

Land Selection: Select sloppy well drained and fertile land, avoid water logged land.
Season: March- April and September- October.
Soil: Both acidic and alkaline soils are suitable.


Land preparation
Seed treatment and sowings:
Cultural operations

Leaf harvest


Kesseru (Heteropanax fragrans)

Nursery raising

Land selection: select well drained plain or sloppy land.
Season: February-March.

Nursery bed preparation
Seed collection
Seed sowing
Cultural operation

Plantation in the main field

Land selection: Select high and sloppy land, avoid water logging.
Season: August- September.
Land preparation: Plough the land to a depth of 20-25 cm and level it.

Pit digging

Transplantation: Transplant 25-35 cm healthy seedling to each pit in a rainy day.

Crop management practices