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How to use SILKS

The SILKS spatial modules has various GIS tools for easy navigation and simple data querying such as zoom-in, zoom-out, zoom-to-full-extent, selective-Zoom, re-center tool, pan, distance measurement, print maps etc. Features on the map can be identify using Map Identify tool. Distance measuring tool of map also have been included as part of spatial map analysis tool. Results of map query or area of interest can be printed out along with detail legend using Print tool. The size, font type and map output can be customize using this tool. The map can be produce in various file format such as PNG, JPEG, GIF or PDF. Region specific zoom is made possible using QuickZoom tool.

Layer Symbology Indicators provide a visual indicator for the layer. In GIS, the appearance of the layer within the map is called the layer’s symbology. In the Legend Window, polygons are indicated by a polygon, or square box, lines are indicated by a line, and points by a small dot. Raster images are indicated either by a camera icon or by a square box, depending on the type of image.