Sericulture Information
Linkages and Knowledge System

About SILKS Information System


The Sericulture Information Linkages and Information System aptly called SILKS is an important component under Applications Remote Sensing and GIS in Sericulture Development – A national Project coordinated by North Eastern Space Applications Centre and funded by Central Silk Board, Bangalore. SILKS has been developed using Open source GIS as a single window decision support system to provide spatial and non-spatial information for selected districts (Phase I: 108, Phase II : 70) in the country and hosted in the public domain at SILKS portal currently host data services for more than 1000 sets of spatial layers consisting of potential areas for expansion of sericulture development in a single window access system. Additionally, each SILKS is supported by 16 non-spatial modules on sericulture planning, farmers advisory and other services specific to the district. The information system is made in such a way that it is easily accessible by the users through a single window interactive web application. To make it wider accessibility among local farmers and planners, the site is made multi-lingual comprising 12 major local languages of India.