Sericulture Information
Linkages and Knowledge System

Information Contents in SILKS

The SILKS has been developed for each of the selected 108 districts. It has 16 major non-spatial modules and 4 spatial modules, which are grouped into three categories, namely Planning Services, Other Services and Natural Resources Management. The available modules under Planning Services are Silkworm Food Plants Production Technologies, Techniques of Rearing Silkworm, Diseases and Pest Management of Silkworm Food Plants, Improved Varieties of Silkworm Food Plants, Species of Silkworm, Processing of Cocoons, Infrastructure and Equipments and Allied Sectors and Occupations. The Other Service has modules like Micro Credit and Self Help Group, Seri Marketing, Seed Distribution Centres, Weaving Reeling Centres and Schemes & Grants for Farmers.

All the spatial data and corresponding statistics under the projects have been placed into four modules namely, Potential Sites for Silkworm Food Plants, Soil Map, Climate and Utility Map. The spatial modules have more than 950 spatial layers of information. The Open source software packages have been customized and were used to develop these modules to enable the user visualize, zoom-in, zoom-out, pan, identify spatial features, query and print the map information etc..